The countdown for the 2014 LBG Canada Annual Meeting has begun!

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for community investment professionals to connect with peers from across the country, to explore emerging management trends and to discuss different approaches to maximize value - for the community and for the business. 

The meeting is a two-day event taking place on September 23 and 24, 2014, and includes a networking event in the evening of day one. The first day of the Annual Meeting (September 23) will be open to LBG Canada participants and other corporate professionals. The second day of the Annual Meeting (September 24), and the networking event are both open to non-profits, charities and community partners interested in moving performance measurement forward.

This year's meeting will take place at the Oddfellows Building (106 6th Ave SW, Calgary, AB). For more information, please email


LBG Canada Companies: Included in annual fees

Corporate (September 23 & 24 and networking event)*: $975.00

Non-profits (September 24 and networking event)**: $300.00

Program Evaluators - Right to Play Canada Session: $100.00

Program Evaluators (September 24 full day): $300.00

To register for this year's event, please visit our registration page.