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December 2017 Newsletter

LBG Canada Top Ten List For 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we look at the LBG Canada program from two perspectives. Post 2017/Pre 2018. What stands out?

A ‘LBG Canada Top Ten List for 2017’ was needed! #1 is the growth, in interest and in action, among LBG Canada companies seeking to measure and report on impact.

How does ours compare to yours? We want to know!


Tools for Employee Volunteers to Share Information About the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Research estimates that about 10% of the world’s population is aware of the Sustainable Development Goals. Those already aware are seeking tools to engage others. Enter Project Everyone.

Project Everyone seeks to put the power of great communications behind the SDGs. One powerful tool developed by Project Everyone is a series of teaching resources entitled The World’s Largest Lesson. The Lesson is intended to assist volunteers to build knowledge of the SDGs, in a visually compelling and motivating format appropriate for colleges, schools and community groups around the world.

Click here to learn about DP World employees use of The World’s Largest Lesson in an elementary school in Dubai.


Conference Board Report on the Community Investment Profession

A new publication just released by Conference Board of Canada offers an informative profile of the corporate community investment in Canada. Emerging trends, skills and opportunities are profiles, including several key references to the value and offering of the LBG Canada program.

To learn more, please click here.


Impact Measurement On Your Agenda – Business & Community Value

LBG Canada companies are making progress towards the goal of measuring and reporting on impact. As the # 1 result on our LBG Canada 2017 Top Ten list, we are excited about supporting the progress being made by an ever growing group of LBG Canada companies – estimated at 35% !

Are you seeking to measure impact? Please do get in touch. We would welcome an opportunity to support your progress and to celebrate results achieved. Bryan Thiedemann, Arundel Gibson and Stephanie Robertson all eagerly await news of your progress.


International Corner

The LBG Model is used around the world. This month, we profile a new report by Corporate Citizenship, the LBG facilitator in the UK.

Accelerating Corporate Leadership on the Global Goals – New Study.

Corporate Citizenship explores the gap between thought and action and how companies can achieve the SDGs.

Click here for more information.



To access the LBG Canada Participants calendar, please click here.

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