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January 2018 Newsletter

Let’s Embrace Reporting

Hello 2018! For many of us, the beginning of the new calendar year raises reporting to stakeholders as a priority. A number of LBG Canada companies are well into Q1, even Q2 by the time January 1 arrives. As a result, everyone is focused on reporting at this time of year.

Maybe you report to Imagine Canada, the DJSI, or the GRI? Perhaps you publish a CSR or Sustainability report. Are you reporting to senior leaders? To employees? To your Board? Are you reporting on impact?

How can the LBG Model assist? Let me count the ways…

  1. Re-purpose your audit summary – to report up, out and sideways. The LBG Canada audit summary can be used to report to senior leaders, to external standards that include Imagine Canada, the DJSI and GRI. Reduce time and effort by reusing audit results to achieve reporting objectives.
  2. Customize your audit summary – to profile important detail of your community investment approach, by theme, by business unit, by region, impact area…or something else! Talk to your LBG Canada team. The audit summary format is flexible in order to meet your needs.
  3. Report on impact – did you know that the LBG Model has an impact measurement framework embedded within? It can be quickly and easily integrated into your current tracking system, regardless of the technology being used.
  4. Inform progress and next steps – the Model is designed to inform progress towards goals and objectives. Review 2017 data in relation to expectations set at the end of 2016. Report on goals set for 2018!

We have counted four ways the LBG Model can assist with reporting, as a start. Let’s keep the conversation going!


Audit Process 2018 – We Want You!

Well, actually, we want your data!

At present, 58% of LBG Canada companies are in the process of completing their 2018 audit (of 2017 data). 25% of surveys have been completed, 13% of companies have completed the process and 10,600 lines of data have been reviewed. 2018 is well underway!

Please note this important process change: surveys need to be completed at the time of the audit of 2017 fiscal transactions. This will reduce the need for clarifications during the review call and reduce the risk of error as we compile the 2018 data pool.

We look forward to getting this process started! If you need help, with surveys or otherwise, please let us know! We look forward to being in contact.


Snapshot 2017 – What Employees Think About Workplace Giving, Volunteering & CSR

This new report released by America’s Charities offers interesting insights into what employees are thinking about workplace volunteering and giving strategies. While US-based, this report offers a wealth of interesting insights from the employee perspective. Survey respondents varied by industry, age and role within their company.

In an era where industries are shifting, technology is evolving rapidly, and the demographic profile of employees has transformed, meaningful engagement is of real importance. This is as much a reality in Canada as it is in other countries.

Click here to access the Snapshot 2017 report.



Tools for Employee Volunteers to Share Information About the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Research estimates that about 10% of the world’s population is aware of the Sustainable Development Goals. Those already aware are seeking tools to engage others. Enter Project Everyone.

Project Everyone seeks to put the power of great communications behind the SDGs. One powerful tool developed by Project Everyone is a series of teaching resources entitled The World’s Largest Lesson. The Lesson is intended to assist volunteers to build knowledge of the SDGs, in a visually compelling and motivating format appropriate for colleges, schools and community groups around the world.

Click here to learn about DP World employees use of The World’s Largest Lesson in an elementary school in Dubai.


Forbes Article –  “Data Drives Social Impact”

The December issue of Forbes magazine predicted social impact trends for 2018.  Number 4 referred to how access and use of data will continue to grow in importance.  The perspective offered is about social impact created by community partner programming.  Did you review the ‘Big Data’ presentations from the 2017 annual meeting?  Clearly, LBG Canada companies remain ahead of their time.

The LBG Canada approach is based upon ‘Data Driving Social Impact’ starting from the point that a community investment team strategizes how they will allocate cash, in-kind, employee volunteer and other stakeholder resources to achieve community investment programming.  The 2017 ‘Big Data’ presentations illustrate how the LBG Canada data set inform key community investment, volunteering and employee giving programs.  Planning for 2018?  Review the Big Data & Community Investment and Big Data & Employee Engagement results.

Let’s connect!  Your LBG Canada Team stands ready to support you in taking your strategy to the next level.


International Corner

Volunteering is of interest in countries around the world.

IMPACT2030 raises awareness that volunteering can contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Regional Voice Leads (RVLs) are volunteers from around the world who promote IMPACT2030 and the opportunity of volunteering.

Check out this infographic  posted by an RVL from Spain – highlighting key trends to watch regarding the next decade of volunteering.

Measure & Value Business Benefits

LBG International is facilitated by Corporate Citizenship, out of London (UK).

This month, we profile an article encouraging companies to measure business benefits linked to their investments in social programming, and to report on the financial value achieved as a result.

We whole-heartedly agree! Lets move our measurement forward and report back on results.

Interested in making progress on measurement? Click here for more information.



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