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May 2018 Newsletter

Community Investment Has a Role to Play in Enabling Corporate Diversity & Inclusion

Join community investment peers on June 5, 2018 in a dialogue with leaders influencing corporate thinking on abilities, LGBTQ inclusion, Action 92 and Indigenous inclusion and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thanks to our host Imperial, all are welcome. For more information and to register, please click here.

Welcome to LBG Canada

Please join us in welcoming the following companies to the LBG Canada Network:


We look forward to working with you to measure and demonstrate your impact on community.

TD Bank Group Becomes IMPACT2030 Founding Partner

TD Bank Group is now the first Canadian IMPACT2030 founding partner.

IMPACT2030 is a global private-sector led collaboration created to mobilize employee volunteer programs that directly contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

90% of the world is unaware of the Sustainable Development Goals. By engaging your employees you can engage the world.

IMPACT2030 has the tools, like the World’s Largest Lesson and Project Everyone, they just need you to get involved. Connect your employees to the global goals so they can educate and inspire others.

To learn more about IMPACT2030, please click here.

Creating Value for Community and Business: A Look at the Non-Profit Board Leadership Study.

Alice Korngold, President and CEO of Korngold consulting, and an acclaimed expert in board governance, service, and global problem solving, released a study in November assessing the leadership development value of non-profit board service and outlining how companies can improve and develop non-profit board-matching services for their employees.

In the current corporate landscape, investors and the public expect more from their corporate leaders particularly with regard to innovation, economic development, and diversity and inclusion. However it’s not simply a philanthropic duty, evidence shows that companies profit and grow value by finding innovative solutions to global problems.

Korngold’s study demonstrates that board service is an effective pathway for companies to grow shareholder value in three ways:

  • Advancing workplace diversity and inclusion: Business people who serve on boards gain appreciation and understanding of people from different backgrounds. This benefits companies since studies indicate that diversity and inclusion increase profitability.
  • Developing human capital for innovation: Business people who serve on boards confront challenges that stimulate their leadership, creativity, and innovation.
  • Fostering economic development and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Business people who serve on boards strengthen communities where their company’s employees and customers live and work and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by facilitating quality education, reduced inequalities, and sustainable cities and communities.

The study revealed startlingly high levels of satisfaction among those who serve on boards. 97% of the studies respondents reported that the work of the non-profit board is meaningful to them, 95% reported that they are able to add value, and 99.5% recommended board service to their friends and colleagues.

The observations outlined in the report can serve as a guide for companies seeking effective and progressive ways to grow their value. The positive response from respondents regarding board service participation reveals that expanding and developing board service opportunities offers mutually shared benefits to companies, their employees, and communities.

To read the study in its entirety visit:

It’s Reporting Season!

April, May and June are always interesting as CSR, Sustainability, Community Investment and Integrated reports are released.  Are you already looking to the next cycle? How can LBG Canada help you? 2018 data, year-on-year trends, motivations for DJSI reporting, impact reporting, the list goes on!

Let’s look at some new, excellent examples of community, volunteering and social reporting:

  • Volunteering matters to the business – 

  • Community and social impact is material  

  • Alignment with the SDGs 

  • Community integrated into strategy

  • Increasing transparency 


International Corner

Did you know that the LBG Model has an opposite, sister-initiative that improves corporate community impact conversations?

Companies in Spain and Australia are moving LBG for Communities forward.

Developed by 10 Spanish NGOs, ON LBG dramatically improves non-profit impact reporting. Interested? Get in touch!