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December 2018 Newsletter


Shaping Community Investment in Canada – Your Vote Counts!

Each year LBG Canada companies bring forward examples of innovation in community. The LBG Canada community then recommends how these issues should be included within the body of case law defining community investment. Have your say!

The Valuation Vote is open until end-of-day Friday, December 21st. Your vote counts!

Click here to vote.

Employers Increasingly Seeking Responsible Leadership Skills

A recent article in the Globe & Mail explores the qualities companies are looking for when hiring a new team member.

Are they just looking for grades and a head for numbers? Tamar Milne, Chair, Sustainability & Ethics Group at UBC Sauder, suggests that social responsibility and ethics are the elements that really grab an employers attention.

The teams behind some of LBG Canada’s biggest companies agree.

For example, Telus and MEC are cited in the article as purpose-led companies who seek candidates whose values align with their own and who are knowledgeable about social responsibility. They are searching for leaders who can offer ethical solutions and make a real impact.

To read the entire Globe & Mail article, click here.

Corporate Giving in a Changing Canada

In the new report Corporate Giving in a Changing Canada, Imagine Canada explores the ways companies support non-profits, the rise of partnerships, and the evolution and effectiveness of community investment.

Click here to download a copy of the report to learn more.


LBG Canada Spotlight Shines on The Co-op Give Card Campaign

One of the things we enjoy most is promoting the amazing work our LBG Canada companies are doing in their communities.

This month, we’re thrilled to profile The Co-op Give Card Campaign, a new cause-marketing campaign raising awareness of Co-op’s long-term partnership with the Canadian Red Cross.

Click here to learn more.

Canadians Want Volunteering Opportunities Organized by Employers

Last year, Volunteer Canada commissioned a survey that found that 2/3 of Canadians would volunteer more if their employer provided opportunities to do so, and that 68% of Canadians would choose an employer who had an employee volunteering program over ones that did not.

Across LBG Canada, 92% of companies support some sort of volunteering, up from 72% a decade ago!

We support the efforts of employers seeking to make their programs meaningful and effective. Click here to read the survey.

LBG Canada in the Community!

LBG Canada companies are doing cool things in community, check out some recent examples below!

Telus Launches Charitable Foundation to Help Vulnerable Youth

Telus is donating $120 million to launch a foundation that helps vulnerable youth.

The Telus Friendly Future Foundation helps fund local, Canadian charities supporting socially innovative programs in health and education for youth to thrive in a digital society.

Learn more here.

What Employee’s Want From Their Company’s Programs on Giving Tuesday

This past month on Giving Tuesday, Meridian Credit Union’s Chief Employee Experience Officer, Anne Berend, wrote an article for the Globe & Mail highlighting the importance of fostering a sense of purpose among your employees when engaging them in a community investment program.

42% of Meridian employees participate in their employee giving program. Meridian’s top tips to help you see similar results include:

  • Taking a bottom-up approach, by surveying your employees to see what matter s to them
  • Make your program accessible by getting rid of any potential barriers to employee participation. For example, having a minimum donation requirement for giving programs
  • Go digital. Online platforms are straightforward and easy to use. Its also a great way to keep employees connected to one another by sharing experiences and questions on discussion boards. Connection promotes engagement.

Important Dates!

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International Corner – Where Employee Activism & Civic Engagement Meet by Realized Worth

In this blog by Realized Worth Co-Founder and CEO, Angela Parker, explore how companies are entering the conversation about corporate citizenship and civic engagement and how you can connect your company’s purpose and values to the activism of employees.

To read the blog, click here.


SROI Accreditation Training – Toronto – May 8-9, 2019

Companies are increasingly seeking new ways to value their social impact programs.

If you’re interested in SROI Accreditation training, contact Mary to learn more!