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Case Study – Improving Community Partnerships

“Working with the LBG Canada approach has opened up TransCanada’s dialogue with our community partners and improved our understanding of each other. With a clearer understanding of each other’s goals, we end up with a better result. This is great for both our community partners and for TransCanada.”

As a result of its participation in LBG Canada, TransCanada’s community investment team sought to maximize the management time spent with each community partner, without compromising the quality of their relationships with key partners.

This clear goal stemmed from the CI team’s need to:

  • Streamline the internal resources required to manage TransCanada’s entire portfolio of community partnerships
  • Reallocate that time savings to partnerships in need of more hands-on co-operation
  • Clarify the reporting detail required to demonstrate that project goals have been achieved
  • Ensure that all information reported to TransCanada was directly relevant to their investment, therefore easier to incorporate into internal reports on the overall effectiveness of their community investment program.


To learn more about how TransCanada used the LBG Canada approach to achieve their objectives, click the link below to download the case study!

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