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March 2021 newsletter

If you work in the community investment space, chances are, you’ve asked yourself this question. What IS the impact of our community investment? Are we making a difference? How do we measure the depth of our impact?

LBG CDA brings together companies from across Canada to manage, measure and report on the impact of their community investment programs using the LBG Model, the recognized global standard for community investment reporting. LBG Canada companies seek to maximize the value of their community investment programs – for both the community and the business. Together, they set the highest standard in community investment management, performance measurement and reporting in Canada.

Wondering if LBG Canada could be a good fit for your company? Get in touch with Evelyn to connect!  .


Today’s LBG Canada Insight:

“Am I overcomplicating our approach to measurement?”
Stephanie, Founder and CEO of SiMPACT, shares her experience (20+ years of it may we add!) with how we sometimes make measurement slightly more challenging than we need to. Listen now.



On the Radar

  • Webinar: Volunteers Taking Action to Support the Recovery from Covid-19: This session will explore the role of volunteers in the pandemic recovery efforts. It will look at examples of how volunteers are helping communities build resilience during this unprecedented time which has resulted in a wide array of economic, social and health issues. Register now.
  • Webinar: A Journey to Reconciliation in Corporate Canada.  Join this webinar to hear how Deloitte Canada has progressed on their journey of reconciliation since launching the Reconciliation Action Plan under the four pillars of education, employment, inclusion and economic empowerment. You will get the opportunity to hear about how businesses can show their commitment and take action to progress reconciliation by building awareness, education, and connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Register Now.

Bright Ideas


Merging for Good is a framework for nonprofit organizations considering embarking on a merger, or a similar form of amalgamation or consolidation. It is also for funders – government, foundations, corporate or individual donors – and other sector ‘capacity builders’ interested in supporting or advising on mergers and amalgamations.


While the past year has been full of challenges, Canadian charities continue to step up to support communities across the country. As these charities have also had to adapt to COVID-19, they have had to address rising demand for vital services to serve those in need. Read on to learn more about these incredible charities.


Consumers are increasing cognizant of the ways in which the brands they purchase are contributing to the environmental and social impact of our world. It is critical for companies to take a look at their social procurement and how their supply chain plays a factor in protecting the fabric of our society. Buy Social Canada advances and promotes social procurement by bringing socially driven purchasers and social enterprise suppliers together, building business relationships that generate social benefits to communities across the country. Are you ready to take the Buy Social Pledge?