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Community Investment – A Role in Reconciliation

In July of this year, the Canadian federal government declared a new federal statutory holiday: the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. While many may already associate September 30th with Orange Shirt Day; a campaign to raise awareness of the impact of residential schools upon survivors and their families. The momentum and importance of the Orange Shirt Day campaign is well described by the hashtag #everychildmatters 

While some companies are sharing news about their efforts to advance economic, social and environmental Reconciliation, many are not sure about their role. Within that uncertainty, there are specific questions about the role of community investment as an agent to advance a company’s reconciliation agenda. 

LBG Canada companies held a focused meeting on these questions in the Spring of 2018. We were grateful to our host Imperial, who shared an excerpt of a deeply moving and informative employee course on Indigenous history with all participants. We were called to action by Kelly Lendsay, CEO of Indigenous Works, who offered his insights into how corporate community investment could advance Reconciliation in Canada.  

We know that community investment alone, is not enough. Yet, without question, it has a vital role to play. We invite you to re-examine the insights shared and look forward to celebrating your work to advance this issue at the core of Canada’s future.