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Charitable Giving in Canada: An opportunity to lead

A recent report from The Fraser Institute casts a spotlight on the concerning decline in charitable giving across Canada.  

The stats in the report were not a surprise. Less than 18% of Canadians gave to charity in 2021, a decrease from 25% of Canadians in 2001. Compared with 20 years earlier, Canadians gave $702.4M less, despite the $11.8B reported within 2021 tax returns. 

The challenges faced by charities and non-profits are clear: increased demand, decreased finances, and a shortage of post-COVID resources. This situation is made even more difficult with declining, or flatlining, community investment—especially as some companies and industries in Canada become more profitable. 

That said, there is also a part of corporate Canada that is stepping up to give more. In 2021, audit results illustrate that the LBG Canada network invested $574M in Canadian communities, and this figure grew to $640M in 2022. Over the past decade, their overall contribution has surpassed an impressive $6B+ with $1.3B coming from employees and other stakeholders. 

The commitments from LBG Canada network members adds about 5% to the charitable giving totals reported by Canadians. It’s a silent force that makes a substantial impact alongside personal donations. However, if we want to grow corporate charitable giving in Canada, we need to be less silent. 

As a network, we should celebrate and amplify companies that are deliberately and strategically giving more. Acknowledging Canadian leaders in community investment—leaders who are transparent, accountable, and data-focused—will encourage others to follow that lead. 

Imagine the transformative power if corporate Canada mobilized to give more and celebrate community investment. The positive actions taken by corporate entities are not only inspiring but also a beacon of hope amidst the concerning decline in individual giving. 

The LBG Canada network envisions a collective effort that paves a brighter path for all Canadians. Join our network today and play a role in shaping a future with greater impact.