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Participation in LBG Canada encourages companies to focus on strategy, measurement and reporting to demonstrate the business value achieved through investment in community.
Informing Strategy

“LBG Canada has provided us with a framework to calculate our impact in the community.” 

Improves Effectiveness

“LBG Canada has opened up TC Energy’s dialogue with our community partners and improved our understanding of each other.” -TC Energy

Peer Knowledge & Experience

“We can benchmark against other companies and use that information to help make decisions.” 

Greater Consistency & Comparability

“The Insights & Opportunities reports enable consistent year-on-year reflection and evolution of our community investment program.” -Cenovus

Building the Business Case

“The portfolio-wide assessment links community investment to priorities across business units.” 

Creating a Compelling Narrative

“With LBG Canada we now have an approach to quantify results in measurable terms.” -ENMAX