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When data makes a difference
Welcome to LBG Canada – Where data makes a difference!

At LBG Canada, we believe that businesses have the incredible potential to be forces of positive change. We’re here to guide your journey towards purposeful impact, transforming the way you view corporate social responsibility. 

Unlock the power of responsible business practices with LBG Canada. Join us as we navigate the realms of social good, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. Together, let’s make your corporate footprint a legacy of meaningful change. Explore, learn, and create impact with LBG Canada.” 

What we can do with you
Demonstrate the business value of your strategy
Understand the value of your investment in the community
Simplify measurement and reporting
Share insights with peers across Canada
Contribute to the development of best practices
did you know?

The LBG model can help companies align their community investment programs with business and leadership priorities.

Companies using the LBG Model in reporting will score points on the DJSI reporting.

LBG Canada companies have invested more than $6.5 BN in the community (since 2021).

Upcoming Events

The Partnership Conference | Toronto Reference Library | October 17 – 18

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