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Simply put, LBG Canada involvement results in the achievement of the highest standard for reporting and disclosure on community investment activity. Companies who care about the credibility of their social reporting seek out the standardized auditing process pioneered by LBG Canada.

LBG Canada companies believe that corporate community investment is a key part of their sustainability strategy and essential to ‘S’ (as in ESG) reporting and disclosure.

As in every area of corporate activity, performance standards matter. Together, LBG Canada companies set the performance standard for transparent reporting of corporate community investment. Every fiscal, the community investment portfolio is audited against LBG Canada case law, agreed to by participating companies, which results in a standardized approach.

The LBG Canada audit is a simple, comprehensive, and consistent approach to assess the value of annual investment in community. Audit results offer a clear pathway to then link that investment to impact.

Upon audit completion, each participant is issued a Third-Party Verification Statement to ensure that audit results can be clearly and concisely included in pushed annual corporate reports.

While upholding the highest standard in social reporting is often the stimulus for LBG Canada involvement, access to data insights that inform strategy, and guidance to assess business and community impact – companies experience many ways to deepen their impact as a result of LBG Canada involvement.

In Canada, the most effective way to access the LBG Model is to join the LBG Canada Network.

A sample verification statement for inclusion in external reporting.